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Right up there with chicken fried steak, tater tots, banana splits and hot dogs, burgers are known as one of America’s quintessential foods. The origins of the hamburger are hotly debated – some say it was created by Louis’ Lunch wagon out of New Haven in 1900, while others say it might have been Fletcher Davis out of Athens, TX who first sold hamburgers at his lunch counter then later introduced them at the St. Louis World Fair. Still others argue it was invented by the Menches brothers who sold it at the Erie County Fair in 1885, Charlie Nagreen of Seymour, WI, Oscar Bilby of Tulsa, OK, or Otto Kause of Hamburg, Germany. While we will never know with certainty who created the burger, we can all agree that a plump beef patty nestled between two slices of toasted bun, topped with cheese, lettuce, mustard, mayo, ketchup, tomato, pickles, onions, and whatever else suits your fancy is one of the best inventions of all time. Popularized by fast food chains like White Castle and McDonald’s and now gussied up and served on menus of even 5-star restaurants, the burger is undoubtedly a staple of the American diet. In that vein, the writers of Black & Orange Burger are on a quest to find the best burger spots in DC and across the country. As DC’s Ultimate Burger blog, we’ll unveil all the best DC eatery burgers, travel far and wide to find the nation’s best burgers, and even offer tips for creating your own burgers right at home.